Volume 44, Number 175,
October-December 2013
The Emerging Phenomenon
of Unemployed Agricultural Day Laborers
Antonieta Barrón
Rural Unemployment ( ...continuation )

Despite the restrictive unemployment definition, the situation in rural areas is so critical that the panorama has changed. Until 2000, unemployment rates were insignificant, less than 1.09% among men and less than 0.52% among women, both in rural and urban areas.

Figure 3. National and Rural Unemployment Rates by Gender

Source: inegi, 2000 Population Census

Unemployment had the greatest impact on young people from 15 to 19 years of age and both genders on the national level. The highest unemployment rate was 2.51%, for men aged 15 to 19 years. This rate for men in rural areas reached above 1.5%.

After 2008, unemployment rates increased as compared to ten years prior. By 2010, national unemployment among males had reached 5.61% and 2.71% among females. However, in the rural sector, the male unemployment rate was 5.64%, even greater than the national level, whereas this was not the case for female unemployment.

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