Volume 44, Number 174,
July-September 2013
Salary Gaps in Uruguay: Gender, Segregation
and Unequal Labor Qualifications
Alma Espino
Gender, Segregation and Mismatch ( ...continuation )

When controlling for the variables that account for education required by a job, having lower or higher education (all measured in years of educati on) leads to similar results as before (Table 8).

The above breakdowns confirm previous findings that women have lower returns than men (even when they have the years required for the job they are in).12 Higher female education is counteracted by the lower return for women with the years of education that meet job requirements. On top of this, when females are over-educated they are affected by the salary penalty represented by those years. Skill mismatch may account for some mechanisms of “unequal treatment” that appears as “inexplicable” in traditional breakdowns of gender salary gaps. Although women have invested the same or more in education as men, there salaries are more depressed because their returns are lower than men, and also because they obtain lower-paid jobs than men at the same educational level.

12 The fact that regressions were done separately for men and women proves this statement.

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