Volume 44, Number 174,
July-September 2013
Manufacturing Entrepreneurship
and Development in the Mexican States*
Martín Ramírez Urquidy,** Manuel Bernal*** and Roberto Fuentes***
Date received: August 30, 2012. Date accepted: February 18, 2013

Theoretical approaches have suggested that entrepreneurship patterns are linked to economic development, and the direction of this relationship varies depending on the socioeconomic features of a country, the institutional context and the stage of economic development. It is therefore useful to ask the following question. What is the relationship between economic development and the business structure in the Mexican states? The objective of this work is to empirically determine if there is some pattern of business development and entrepreneurial capacity linked to the growth level of the Mexican states. This text establishes that these links do indeed exist. This means that the economic development of the states can partly explain the business structures present in them, invoking interesting public policy arguments for business development.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, Industrial Policy, Sectoral Planning Methods, Enterprise Policy, Industry Studies.

A variety of approaches can be used to explain entrepreneurship, understood as the creation of companies. These range from methods that describe the individual features and motivations of business leaders to those that associate entrepreneurship with the macroeconomic environment and state of the labor market. These points of view suggest that the features of entrepreneurship and its connection to economic development may vary among countries and regions depending on their economic environments, socioeconomic features, institutional context and levels of economic development (Acs et al., 2008). In particular, if we define competitiveness as Porter (2002) does, associated with the three stages of economic development, different business structures emerge in different countries and regions depending on their stage of growth and varied structures (Acs et al., 1994). Business development patterns thus emerge in the regions, as well as motivations for entrepreneurship, associated with the growth stages and also linked to the distribution of companies by size, sector of activity and business capacity. To this effect, it is useful to pose the following question: What is the relationship between economic development and the business structure and capacity of the Mexican states?

The objective of this work is to respond to that question, and empirically determine whether business structure and entrepreneurial capacity are linked to the level of state development. The results of this work appear to confirm the hypothesis: the economic development of the states impacts their business structure and entrepreneurial capacity. The findings show that a higher level of development corresponds to a business structure with larger-scale small enterprises, compatible with better business capacity and a reduction in self-employment. This work did not find inverse causality, whereby the business structure and its capacities would influence development. This suggests that development is a product of a larger number of economic, social and institutional forces.

*The authors would like to acknowledge the journal committee. Any remaining errors or omissions are the responsibility of the authors.
**  Researcher and Director of the Faculty of Economics and International Relations at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico.
     E-mail: martinramirez@uabc.edu.mx;
*** Conacyt doctoral fellows in Economic Sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, Mexico.
     E-mails: manuel_bernal26@hotmail.com and rifc2003@hotmail.com, respectively.

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