Volume 44, Number 173,
April-June 2013
From Recession to Recovery:
Production and Employment in Mexico and The State Of Mexico
Pablo Mejía, Sandra Ochoa and Miguel Ángel Díaz

Figure 4. Cumulative Percentage Growth of Foreign Commerce for the us, Mexico and the State of Mexico during the Current Cycle (percentages)

a) us Imports and Mexican Exports

b) Revenue from Abroad

Note: Abbreviations correspond to headings in Table 4.
Source: Prepared by the authors based on data from inegi and the bea.

Figure 4a also shows that 29 months after the start of the recession, Mexican exports had recovered their loss in value, despite the fact that us imports remained 15% below the maximum prior to the crisis. In fact, this low and insufficient recovery of us demand is one of the most important current concerns in terms of its medium-term effects, because the us economy is one of the principal motors of global growth.

Given the lack of official statistics regarding state-level exports, this text uses proxy variables that are closely associated with state exports, because these are directly linked to the production of commercial goods. The first variable is income (monthly) coming from the foreign market for the provision of goods and services, which includes the manufacturing, maquiladora and export services industry, which we shall simply refer to as revenue from abroad (ra). The second variable is the so-called basic sector of the economy, which includes the production of commercial goods related to agriculture, livestock, forestry, fishing, hunting, mining, the manufacturing industry, temporary lodging services and food and drinks.

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