Volume 44, Number 172,
January-March 2013
Gender and Salaries of the Qualified
Workforce in Brazil and Mexico
Maria Cristina Cacciamali and Fábio Tatei

In both cases, activity and employment rates for the university population, in keeping with the behavioral pattern observed in many countries, are greater than those for the general adult population, and in Mexico, they demonstrate lower female economic activity. In Brazil, the activity rate for women with university studies is 7% lower than the rate for males with university degrees; that is, a bit more than 4/5 of the male activity rate. In Mexico, the rate is 17% less, a bit more than 2/3 of the male rate.

The unemployment rate among the wap with university studies, in keeping with the behavior among the adult wap, is different in Mexico and Brazil, due to differing economic dynamics and the demand for qualified labor in each work market. In Mexico, the unemployment rate among those with university studies is greater than among the adult wap and greater than the Brazilian figures, even for the female unemployment rate (Tables 1 and 4). In Brazil, the absolute level and positive differential of the female employment rate, although to a lesser extent, is practically one and a half times the male rate. The analysis of the unemployment rate and age, between the wap with university studies in both countries, also shows a behavior pattern for that type of population, that is, negative correlation between the two variables, except for Mexican women in the age group of over 60 years, where the unemployment rate rises considerably (Table 5).

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