Volume 43, Number 171,
October-December 2012
Maquiladora Factories and Household
Income in Yucatan
Javier Becerril, Rafael Ortiz and Lilian Albornoz
The Socioeconomic Structure of chah Households ( ...continuation )

Within these basic descriptive statistics, a summarizing analysis of the difference of the averages, test t, was prepared, for individuals who said they worked for an mei and those that reported working in any other type of activity. The results are reported in Table 4. The first relevant finding is the difference between total annual income for individuals that work in an mei and those that work in any other sector, as the difference is statistically significant. Secondly, there is a significant difference in age and years of formal education for individuals that declared that they work for an mei. The findings coincide what was reported by Castilla and Torres (2009), where they argue that mei businessmen prefer to employ younger people, first-time workers, with no manufacturing experience and with high-school level education. In this same sense, in accordance with Gómez (2004), the weight of more qualified personnel has risen on a national level since 1995 (technical production personnel and administrative employees) and labor personnel has lost weight. On the other hand, the majority of individuals (72%) that work in the maquiladora reported being in good health, while 23% reported working locally. For both cases, the differences are significant.

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