Volume 43, Number 171,
October-December 2012
Maquiladora Factories and Household
Income in Yucatan
Javier Becerril, Rafael Ortiz and Lilian Albornoz
Calculating Poverty and Inequality Profiles for the chah ( ...continuation )

Although the poverty profiles are robust and are an irrefutable sample of the severity and extent of this phenomenon in chah homes, with the goal of providing more on this issue, Table 2 reports the relationship that exists in the average difference in age, education of head of household, who typically makes the household decisions, and the three lines of poverty. The real evidence shows that non-poor households are headed by younger individuals with higher levels of formal education.

The Socioeconomic Structure of chah Households

This section shows the socioeconomic structure of the chah, emphasizing the characteristics of individuals over 18 years of age,9 which means 755 residents that were the nucleus of analysis to evaluate the economic impact of stabilizing the mei in the territory. Table 3 reports the basic statistics of the factors used to evaluate impacts. The age of residents over 18 years of age stands out with an average of 39 years of age, and average education of 5.6 years; 57% of those interviewed reported being in good health and 29% said they work in their place of origin.

Average family size adjusted by equivalent adult was approximately 4.45 members per household, and details can be found in Table 4. It is important to point out that on average, 26% of household income comes from public policy programs, either federal or state, and 23% of households surveyed reported having some type of business or service activity. While 20% reported using milpa, it was essentially for family consumption. Finally, 92% of households surveyed declared that they live in their own housing.

9 In Mexico, citizens gain the right to vote and work at age 18.

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