Volume 43, Number 170,
July-September 2012
Socio-Environmental Development Index
for the State of Bahía
Leonardo Araújo, Elaine Fernandes and Patrícia Rosado
FOR THE STATE OF BAHÍA ( ...continuation )

According to un classification (2000) almost all the Bahía municipalities have attained average human development. In this classification, the only State with a higher hdi was the municipality of Salvador (0,805).

However, when environmental conditions are added to the hdi, there is a considerable reduction in the development indices. According to the idsa, 93.7% of Bahía municipalities were classified in the low band (Figure 4). This result may be explained by the poor living conditions in Bahía’s municipalities, mainly basic sanitation.

It may be observed that including the eci leads to a reduction in the human development level. Despite the reduction in the overall average of the idsa, it was possible to prove that on the whole the municipalities with higher hdi levels also had higher idsa levels.

Figure 4. Socio-economic Environmental Development Index and Human Development Index in Bahía’s Municipalities for the Year 2000.
Source: Research Results

Figure 5 shows a visual geographical distribution of the idsa. Given the low level of environmental conditions alongside the low income per capita in the State, almost all Bahía’s municipalities are classified as having a low level of Socio-Economic Environmental Development.

Figure 5. Geographical Disposition of idsa in the State of Bahía
Source: Research Results

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