Volume 43, Number 169,
April-June 2012
Chinese Imports and their Impact on the Spare Auto Parts Market in Mexico
Lourdes Álvarez and Liliana Cuadros
Results from a survey to spare parts companies ( ...continuation )

In 2009 those interviewed responded that sales had increased 30%, but 22% indicated that the increase in the number of brands had worked against them, because there was so much diversity and they didn’t have spare parts for all the models being incorporated. In 2011 we found fewer companies that felt that the increased number of makes and models had worked against them. In fact the majority said that things hadn’t changed, and that sales were increasing 32% (Table 6).

We observe a 10% increase in the perception that Chinese auto parts are taking the place of Mexican auto parts. In 2009 we were told that this was because of low prices, easy access to Chinese merchandise, and buyer's ignorance with regard to products’ characteristics. In 2011 we are told that public transportation is where the majority are used, and insurance companies emerge as an important stakeholder (Table 7).


The objective of this project was to analyze the dynamics of auto parts imports that come from China, the behavior in light of these events in the subsector that supplies the spare parts market, and the level of acceptance for these products in the Mexican market.

We found that bilateral trade in the automotive and auto parts sector has increased, but there is a trade balance deficit, even though Mexico tripled its automotive exports to China in the last year. Mexico's auto parts imports from China during the last decade were 2.6 more than exports, while China's auto parts imports from Mexico did not represent even 1% of the total, indicating lost opportunities in this area.

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