Volume 43, Number 168,
January-March 2012
Threats and Opportunities for Brazil's Trade
with China: Lessons for Brazil
Fernando Augusto Mansor de Mattos and Marcelo Dias Carcanholo

From the point of view of product type, there is an increase in Brazilian imports of medium to high grade technology based manufactured goods and as a counter-balance a significant drop in the relative share of primary commodities. It is important to highlight that products from China played an important part in these movements. The increase in the presence of Chinese products is due mainly to medium and high tech manufacturing goods (amounting to 7.5 of the total 10.7 percentage points, which represents an increase in China's share of imports between 1990 and 2008). Equally, viewing the data in a different way, there is an increase of nearly 13.4 percentage points (between 1990 and 2008) in the total of medium and high-tech manufacturing goods in Brazilian imports (Table 4). Of this total, almost 55% (7.5 percentage points) is due to products originating from China. This also reveals the importance of China's contribution to the change of Brazil's import structure in the last two decades.

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