Volume 43, Number 168,
January-March 2012
Argentina's Business Leadership and its Role
in Economic Development
Juan E. Santarcángelo and Guido Perrone

Figure 8. Prospective Path of Sales in Industrial Leadership,
of Industry GPV and the Ratio Sales Industrial Leadership / Industry GPV
Source: Prepared by the authors on the basis of data supplied by indec, and journals Mercado and Prensa Económica.

Meanwhile, within the manufacturing sector, the new pattern of post-devaluation growth corresponds to important changes in the structure of the industrial leadership, both in relation to the number of companies that operate in each branch of activity, and the turnover rate of the companies that form part of it.

Figure 9 shows progress in the number of companies that make up the industrial leadership for each activity. The first element that stands out is the clear predominance of companies in the Food, Drink and Tobacco and Chemicals and Plastics sectors, which together represent more than half of the companies in the leadership. However, as can be observed, both sectors lose some importance over the course of the period, whereas from 2000-2001 together they represent approximately 65% of the companies' total, falling to 51% in 2007. In contrast, the Car, Machinery and Equipment and Other Activities14 sectors increase their role in business leadership during this period.

Figure 9. Proportion of Companies within the Industrial Leadership, Per Activity
Source: Prepared by the authors on the basis of data supplied in the journal Mercado and the Political Economics Department at UNGS

14 Other Activities include Paper and Cardboard, Minerals and Cement, Textiles, Rubber, Publications and Leather.

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